Interesting Facts About Jewelry

There are many cultures around the world that consider the act of exchanging rings between the bride and groom as one of the most special and meaningful moments at weddings because when two rings are inserted into their hands, it will symbolizes bond between two people, lasting, lasting and forever. Here is a list of 15 interesting facts about wedding rings that show a surprisingly diverse history of one of the most important symbols in our modern culture.

1. Approximately 70% of brides in the world wear a wedding ring on the left ring finger. This action is believed to have originated in the ancient Romans because they believed that the vena amoris was located on the fourth finger of the left hand.

2. Not all cultures wear rings on their pinky fingers. There are some places in India like Tamil Nadu, a silver wedding ring is worn on the toe. Gold rings must be avoided in this case, as gold is for Hindus a symbol of the goddess Lakshmi. Wearing a gold ring on the toe, considered the most humble part of the body, could be considered disrespectful to the goddess.

3. Couples from England, France and America usually wear their wedding ring on the left hand side. However, couples from India, Germany, and Russia often prefer to wear rings on the right hand side.

4. When World War II broke out, many young men were faced with the long separation of their beloved wives to go to battle. From here they begin to wear wedding rings as a symbol of their marriage and a reminder of their wife.

5. Natural diamonds were often buried underground for billions of years until known.

6. Many linguists believe that the name “Diamond” is derived with the word “adamant” in the Greek, meaning can not be controlled, grasped or invincible.

7. The first wedding ring dates back to ancient Egypt. Couples will swap the circle to represent eternity and the gods of the sun and moon.

8. White Gold and Platinum are the two most popular metals for making wedding rings, with white gold being the most common and accounting for 73%.


9. The most common shape for a diamond is round with perfect cut lines because it is the cut that most absorbed and reflected light, the most beautiful.

10. Each year, the United States consumes 17 tons of gold for the purpose of crafting a wedding ring

11. On the Latino’s 25th anniversary, they will exchange silver rings instead of the gold ones given on the wedding day.

12. Legend has it that if the groom drops the ring during the ring ceremony, the couple will sooner or later divorce.