Romantic Pop Up Gifts for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day 

February 14 is one of the best occasions for you to show how much you care about the love of your life. If you are struggling in preparing your day of Love, we can help you. Here are some romantic pop-up gifts for a meaningful Valentine’s Day you should add to your list.  

Kissing Love Birds Paper Card

Romantic Pop Up Gifts for an unforgettable Valentine's Day 

Kissing Love Birds Paper Card

In poems or songs, a couple is often likened to lovebirds. Some bird species are also known for their faithful monogamous lifestyle. That is why birds are the inspiration for this amazing card. 

With a lovely purple tone, the cover of the 3d card is eye-catching with a model of lovable birds inside a beautiful wreath. Upon opening, the card exposes a scene of an adorable yellow bird couple kissing while perching on a violet heart-shaped branch. 

People often said that a couple is just like lovebirds.  

This love pop card can be a heartwarming gift for your girlfriend, partner, or fiance on Valentine’s Day this year. Moreover, you can also give it on his or her birthday as well as your anniversaries. 

Love Heart Tree 3D Pop Up Card

Romantic Pop Up Gifts for an unforgettable Valentine's Day 2

Love Heart Tree 3D Pop Up Card

We continue with a love tree template. Inside this card is a sweet illustration of a squirrel kissing its lover’s cheek under a special tree with a heart-shape.  

The card is a harmonious combination of warm colors like red, orange, and yellow. It comprises familiar images of the maple tree and friendly animals like squirrels. You can consider the 3d card as a great message for us that love exists in the smallest thing.  

Similar to chocolates and roses, this pop art card can be a perfect choice for occasions such as Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Wedding Anniversary. 

Cute Cupid Pop Up Card

Romantic Pop Up Gifts for an unforgettable Valentine's Day 3

Cute Cupid Pop Up Card

As you can see, the thing that makes this card more special than the other is its simulation of four lovely Cupids. They are dancing around a big red heart of love.  

Cupid is known as the god of desire, love, attraction, and affection. He often appears in the form of an infant without clothes with white wings on his shoulder. Cupid always carries a bow and a quiver of love arrows.  

People believe that if you love someone at first sight it means you were hit by the arrow of Cupid. Therefore, this pop-up card is another way for you to express your love and affection for your special one.  

Blooming Red Rose 3D Pop Up Card

Romantic Pop Up Gifts for an unforgettable Valentine's Day 4

Blooming Red Rose 3D Pop Up Card

Last but not least, you can make your sweetheart smile with this Red Rose pop-up gift.  

In the front of the card, there is a gorgeous laser-cut rose on a dark blue cover. Once your girl opens it, she will be mesmerized by an impressive model of some flourishing red roses and rosebuds.  

The red rose is one of the most popular and favorite gifts on many occasions and anniversaries, especially on Valentine’s Day. It is a symbol of love and passion.  

This Blooming Red Rose 3D pop card will be the best way to say ”I Love You” to the one you love. In addition to that, you can use it to amaze your flower lover friends or display it as a lovely keepsake on your desk.