Top 4 Amazing Pop Up Gifts with Mysterious Creatures

It is not a coincidence that many of us love discovering new things about animals. Many magical beasts appeared in legends and myths. Archaeologists have also discovered thousands of dinosaur fossils all over the world. If you have the same interest, below are the top 4 amazing pop-up gifts with mysterious creatures for you. 

Magical Unicorn Pop Up Cards

Top 4 Amazing Pop Up Gifts with Mysterious Creatures

Magical Unicorn 3D Pop Up Card

First, let start with a Unicorn greeting card. The cover of the card is incredible with a blue-sky color and a stunning laser-cut image of a unicorn.  

Upon opening, you can see a wonderful unicorn galloping across the top of a cloud. He is going to fly above a colorful rainbow. The inner corners of this 3D card are also embellished with delicate floral and star motifs. 

According to European folklore, the unicorn is described as a white horse with a long silver horn and wings. this creature represents freedom, magic, purity, innocence, and healing, positivity, joy, hope, and happiness. It is also preferred magical animal by children all over the world.  

You can give this adorable Magical Unicorn pop-out card as a present for your kids on their birthday, a special gift on Children’s Day, or a lovely display on the desk.  

Fire Breathing Dragon Pop Up Cards

Top 4 Amazing Pop Up Gifts with Mysterious Creatures 2

Fire Breathing Dragon 3D Pop Up Card

Continue with a Dragon pop-out card for kids. This card is an impressive model of an enormous dragon with red wings, body, and horns in black. He is flying high in the sky and breathing fire.  

To western culture, the dragon can fly and breathe fire. They symbolize evil, chaos, perdition, and untamed nature. In fairy tales, the dragon is often described as a dangerous monster, guarding outside the castle.  

On the other hand, in the Oriental tradition, they worship the dragon as the God of the sea. The dragon in their beliefs is a symbol of almighty power, wisdom, good fortune, and royalty. Ancient countries claimed that the king was a descendant of dragons. He is sent down to the Earth to rule the people and land.  

Raptor Dinosaurs Pop-Up Card

Top 4 Amazing Pop Up Gifts with Mysterious Creatures 3

Raptor Dinosaurs 3D Cool Pop-Up Card

This Raptor Dinosaurs pop-up cards is fascinating with a “blue Turkish” theme. It is a combination of some shades and colors.  

The highlight of the pop-out card is an amazing silhouette of the velociraptor Blue. As you can see, the model has the typical characteristic of a Raptor Dinosaur with orange eyes, black nails, some black and dark blue stripe that runs from the top to the bottom.  

Besides being used as a perfect gift for those who love dinosaurs, the Raptor Dinosaurs hallmark greeting card is also a great learning product for your kid. It can help them visualize a raptor dinosaur.  

Tyrannosaurus Rex Pop Up Cards

Top 4 Amazing Pop Up Gifts with Mysterious Creatures 4

Tyrannosaurus Rex 3D Pop Up Card

This is another fantastic design with dinosaurs for your consideration. In front of the card is an awesome laser-cut illustration of a T- Rex on a dark blue cover. When any recipient opens it, they will be surprised by the three-dimensioned simulation of a grand Tyrannosaurus Rex with sharp teeth.  

In all kinds of dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex used to be the most fearsome predator on the land that ever existed. It had a massive body, sharp teeth, and a great ability to hunt.  

Although Tyrannosaurus Rex has a scary look, it is still the most favored character of many children and even adults all over the world.