What Finger to Wear Ring? What is the significance?

Our hands have 10 fingers, which means we have 10 different ring positions. Have you ever wondered what finger you should wear and what is the meaning of wearing a ring on that finger? Here Bao Tin Jewelry would like to answer your questions about the meaning of wearing rings on your fingers to make it easier for you to decide which finger ring to wear.

1: Wear a thumb ring.

– The thumb is the most important element of the hand. The thumb alone acts as a side of the pincer, helping us to hold everything firmly. That is why the thumb symbolizes strength. Sometimes you still use your thumb to point to your chest and say: It’s me! Or when you hold your hand again, raise your thumb to show consent, support something and show your thumbs up to show disagree, oppose something …
– Because of that, the ring suitable for “strength finger” is usually the big ring, looks the strongest and most aggressive.

2: Wear index finger rings.

– In everyday life, whenever you criticize your children or tell your subordinates to do something, you usually point your index finger at the opponent. That is why the index finger acts as a power finger. When you wear your index finger ring, you will often feel more confident and ambitious. Wearing an index finger ring is also a way to prove that you are capable of handling things.

3: Wear the middle finger ring.

– The middle finger is also the longest finger, it is like a symbol of a high record for us to strive to strive to reach. Sometimes on movies, or on sports programs, you can see the act of raising your middle finger in the sky, as a way of challenge, like: quiz you can do like me …

4: Wear ring finger.

– Ring finger is the finger with the most nerve distribution and according to medicine, the ring finger has blood vessels running straight up the strong movement of the heart. The proof for that is that when going to the hospital, doctors often put a needle straight into the tip of the ring finger to inject blood to test. That is why the ring finger is a symbol of love, a symbol of perfection and eternity. Usually, people wear the ring on the ring finger on the left hand, because they think that the left hand is close to the heart and avoid inconveniences in daily work such as writing, shaking hands, …

5: Wear the little finger ring.

– Balance with a strong finger (thumb) is the little finger. Little finger – weak but indispensable finger. People often say words of the wind, but everyone wants to hear their promises and vows. That is why the little finger is often proven reassuring. Wearing a pinky ring can mean you are carrying a promise: not loving anyone, or not getting married, .. wearing a pinky ring is also a way that young people prove their fidelity.

Below is another very interesting and convincing explanation of why people wear couple rings, wedding rings on the ring finger:
– The thumb represents parents, the index finger represents brothers, the middle finger represents yourself, the pinky finger represents your partner, and the little finger represents your children.

Now, with your hands facing each other, fold your middle finger and press them together, while the remaining fingers are on the tip of your finger.

6. Meaning in love when wearing rings in fingers

Wear the right hand ring

– Little finger: Shows that you do not want a lover

– Ring finger: You are in the period of passionate love for that person.

– Middle finger: Prove you have a lover

– Index finger: You are looking forward to a magical love

Wear a left hand ring

– Little finger: You do not want to get married or have a lover yet

– Ring finger: You are married

– Middle finger: You are engaged or about to be married.

– Index finger: You are not married.

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